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Youtube Video of the Day: Pid Launch Trailer

I’ve always stood by my comment that “One (game) and done” has proven to be the case for developers unaccustomed to producing AAA titles.  The start-up costs as well as the ongoing ones, usually have said studio placing their future in the hands of that one title. So why make AAA titles in the first […]

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Youtube Video of the Day 2-1-2011 (Lego Clone Wars)

Okay, in all honesty, for some odd reason, WordPress decided it would be cool (see: chach) when I “full-screened” the post to delete all of the text, and not give me any recover states, so my 600 word rant is now…at this point, a forty word explanation for why I lack that 600 word rant. […]

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Youtube Video of the Day 4-25-2010 (MvCcom3)

Sometimes game franchises just disappear for years on end. It happens. Occasionally some will hand out renders or screen-shots just so we have some peace of mind that Duke Nukem: Forever is in fact not the biggest joke ever to be perpetrated via Photoshop. Others, however, are content to just fade into the mist. Such is the fate of the game featured in today’s Youtube Video of the Day, Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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Youtube Video of the Day 4-19-2010 (Final Fight)

If there’s one thing I can say with great certainity about video games (other than the fact that I will never be good at any RTS title, and that Dead Rising will still have the worst ally AI of all time several eons from now) it’s that the gaming industry has mastered the art of viral marketing in a way that few other industries have.

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Youtube Video of the Day 4-10-2010 (Spider-Man: SD)

Quick, name all of the good Spider-Man video games to date. Let me guess, you just listed off Spider-Man 2 in record-setting time, and are now stumbling around for a second.

No, you cannot count the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles or any of the Marvel vs. Capcom games.

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Youtube Video of the Day 4-5-2010 (ITSP)

Talk about bad timing. In celebration of actually not feeling like crap and that fact that being indoors when the weather actually is nice derives some sick sense of pleasure for me, I previously vowed that I was going to try to put out one post a day for an entire week…if only to give it a try.

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Youtube Video of the Day 3-26-2010 (Deus Ex 3)

So, there’s this thing called Deux Ex 3, and it’s been rumored/in the works/may or may not be happening for quite a while now. That is…until…okay, so this trailer is vague, and I can’t make any sense of it, but I’m willing to view this teaser trailer as the necessary “baby step” toward the creation of DE3.

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Youtube Video of the Day 3-8-2010 (Alpha Protocol)

Allow me to be quite blunt about this trailer. I’m not that impressed. Did I possibly set my hopes too high for Obsidian’s first new IP? It’s entirely possible. The lips don’t appear to always move in sync, the level of graphical fidelity, while improved, still isn’t where I’d have liked to have seen it, and the actual amount of gameplay displayed is woefully slim. Which is ironic, considering that it’s one of the few things that could possibly redeem the other lackluster elements.

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Youtube Video of The Day 2-22-2010 (Splinter Cell)

Now that I’ve spent more than enough time and posts discussing a certain title’s continual delays, perhaps it’s appropriate to discuss one that, as things stand, might actually arrive on time. That’s not to say that Splinter Cell: Conviction hasn’t had its share of scrapped release dates, but they have at least kept to their current one of April 13th (my birthday, interestingly enough) since it was announced in late December 2009.

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Youtube Video of the Day 2-18-2010 (Glitch)

In the immortal words of Monty Python’s John Cleese, “…And now, for something completely different.”

And boy, do I mean different.

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