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Watcha Playin, Guvnah? (May 2012)

‘ello poppit, it be your wee old uncle–” Fuck it, I can’t even do accents on paper. It’s about that time.  Actually, it is that time.  That time when we talk about the hobby I’ve invested the most time and money into, and however exactly its managed to make me yearn for the days of […]

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Things That Are Apparently Going on or Something

Here’s a couple things, fellow gamers, that you might want to know about.  Or not.  Maybe you just don’t give a shit. 1.  Remember when you wanted nothing more than a 3DS so purple even Princes Prince would acknowledge its rightful place as the “Hue of Royals” and not just “that color girls are legally […]

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What Are You Playing At Present, Good Chap? (2-25-2012)

These days?  It’s probably better to ask what I’m not playing.  See, I’ve been grabbing AAA holiday titles left and right, as their publishers shift their target audience from clueless Christmas shopping parents to “deal-demanding” hardcore gamers.  I know, I know.  Some of you have that “if you aren’t willing to pay full price, then […]

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Indecisiveness Reigns

It’s that time of the year, folks.  We’ve finally scrounged together the money to afford those holiday titles that are now thankfully on sale. 

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What I’ve Been Playing 11-7-11

Anybody else notice how a couple days back it was 11-1-11?  Weird.  I mean, technically they’re not all “ones,” as you’d have to put in a zero to make it “11-01-11,” and it won’t be full of “ones” for a little over a week, but still…odd.  I mean, this sort of thing wont happen again […]

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Gaming on a Budget

Some people are rich.  These people have enough money to buy mansions, boats that aren’t pronounced at all like they look on paper (like yachts) and sometimes other people.  These are also the sort of people that can afford to buy two of every video game that interests them, and preserve one of them for […]

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Development Studios Shut Down (My Fault?)

Today was “just one of those days when you don’t wanna wake up,” as the great poet Limp Bizkit so pithily phrased it.  Why?  Well, Activision told Bizarre Creations that they needed to go stand in the corner and think long and hard about their lack of sales.  For those who don’t remember Bizarre “jumped […]

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On The Docket: Upcoming Games You Might Actually Purchase

Oftentimes I find myself thinking, “Geeze Nick, you sure have way too many games on your plate as is…what are you actively doing to keep yourself continually backlogged with titles?”

That’s when I generally end up calling up Kurt/Zander/insert another equally gaming-addicted friend and making a trip to Best Buy or GameStop. However, this isn’t always the most efficient way to discover that nothing remains (or that, remarkably, something still remains) for one to waste spend money on. Time is money…and so is gasoline, for that matter.

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Nick’s (Quick) Gaming Tweets

Some people are afraid of changes.

Just ask Billy Corgan, or whoever that country singer was that sang the song before he covered it with the Pumpkins.

I, on the other hand, embrace change.

It’s a nice way of saying that you lack the focus, determination, and drive to stick with something without…well…typing exactly what I just typed.

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8 Gaming Tidbits (Week of 4-7-2010)

I figured while working on my review of The Saboteur that I’d give all of you something else to peruse meanwhile, something akin to that all-too sticky issue of Highlights! in your dentist’s waiting room. Sure, it’s not the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated, but it’ll still keep you from having to make small talk with the 70+ old geezer whose been creepily staring your way for the past nine minutes, and who is no doubt envisioning X-rated fantasies involving the two of you. Was that analogy too in-depth? Oh, well.

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