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“Game in Progress” #1

Guess what? I want to know just what game/s you’re playing, how long you’ve been playing them, why you started, and your general take on them so far (careful, of course, to make sure that spoilers are avoided or properly marked). I know that if you run into me on a regular basis/game with me/are a co-worker, you probably get asked these on a regular basis. While those of you who have experienced this might brush this off as a “geek’s salutations” the truth is that I really am interested.

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Whater Ya Playin’/Doin’ #2

So, despite purchasing a game that will probably have me murdering priests in confessional booths, dissecting live babies, and distracting people when they’re having their photos taken at the DMV amongst a thousand other acts I find morally objectionable, I’m sticking by it. That is, until I probably play it. I’m the kind of guy that generally expects the actual police to show up when I murder a hooker in-game.[...]

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Whater ya playin’?

Welcome to what will likely be the first and only installment in the “Whater ya playin’” series. If that title seems odd…just imagine the merchant from Resident Evil 4 saying it. And if you haven’t played Resident Evil 4, begone with thee!!! *Beckons toward the door* If you’re wondering just what goes on in this […]

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Initial Impressions of Fable 2

I feel like far too often, I find myself compelled to come up with something new and genuine for this blog (though, I’m sure any reader would assure me that I have done nothing of the sort…though thankfully I have so few readers (whether or not this is a problem, I haven’t decided) that nobody […]

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