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Youtube Video of the Day 3-26-2010 (Deus Ex 3)

So, there’s this thing called Deux Ex 3, and it’s been rumored/in the works/may or may not be happening for quite a while now.  That is…until…okay, so this trailer is vague, and I can’t make any sense of it, but I’m willing to view this teaser trailer as the necessary “baby step” toward the creation of DE3.

For those who don’t know much about Warren Spector’s brainchild, the Deus Ex series is one of the coolest open-ended RPGs out there, giving players literally oodles (that’s right, as in the word that happens to rhyme with “noodles”) of methods to accomplish a set goal.  Even though I never managed to exceute any of the options presented to me with great success.  It was a hard game, people.

But…that also was…ten years ago.  Sure, we got a sequel in late 2003 in Invisible War, but depending on who you talk to, many weren’t happy with it, with many of the faults being attributed to a simultaneous pc-console development cycle that worked to the favor of neither party involved.

Anyway, here we are, a little under seven years later: development studio Ion Storm no longer exists, Warren Spector is all cooped up in a corner office somewhere, convinced that he and Mickey Mouse are going to revive the lackluster fate of third-party titles for the Wii, and Square Enix now owns Eidos.  Feel free to insert your own Bob Dylan lyric that happens to involve how these times…they are a changin’.

Here’s something that never changes, attempting to milk successful franchises.  Now, that’s not to say I think this Deus Ex title will be a burgeoning sack of mediocrity, in fact, from this trailer, there’s very little one can suggest about the title.  Let’s roll that clip, and join me afterword for thoughts.

So, let’s go over what I  noticed:

–”Square Enix…WTF…oh, that’s right, they work/own Eidos now.”

–”Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become”…I don’t know if this belongs on a self-empowerment poster we find in some corporate office with a sailboat above it…or if this is some DNA self-betterment craziness we heard in Bioshock. Oh, wait…it’s Deus Ex, I’d run with the latter.

–People that look like Spanish explorers or something gazing rather intently at an oddly golden man’s body (tools and instruments shown before the body suggesting it might have been them that modified it)…who then glows…gains wings, and bursts out of the top of the building…toward the Sun…DOES NOBODY READ THEIR GREEK MYTHS ANYMORE?  THIS IS BAD IDEA PEOPLE, NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF IT…IT LOOKS THE SAME FROM 10 FEET AWAY AS IT DOES FROM EARTH.

–WAIT…it’s just a dream…ah.  My favorite cliche in any narrative, dreaming that you’ve flown into the sun after a rather extensive bodily exam by a half dozen men only to wake up with a bio-mechanical arm.  I have this dream all the time.

–What you do when you have a bio-mechanical arm:

1.  Smoke

2.  Drink (making sure that you crack the glass a bit, if possible)

–”If you want to make enemies…try to change something”–is this some inside joke to the planned changes and departures from the mechanics of past Deus Ex titles?  Oh burn.  But seriously, knowing that guy had a injured humerus…that’s wicked crazy.

–The blade though?  Really?  Why does EVERYBODY think bringing a knife to a gun fight is the best thing evar? My advice would be bring a bigger gun to a gun fight.  Or….to just flee.

Anyway, the game’s going to take place before either of the other two entries, roughly two decades before, when the augments (which were previously nanite-based) are bio-mechanical instead.  Other important changes involve regenerating health (which is already pissing off tons of old-school Deus Ex fans) and a departure from the universal ammo of previous titles.  Should be cool though…if anything else, Square Enix is handling the cutscenes, so there should be eye candy delivered in spades.

Finally for those about to say, “this doesn’t look very good” or some variant of such…this game is still well in the middle of development.  The most they’ve said is that we should expect to hear more at E3 2010.


    Wow, that’s pretty interesting. Having played bits of the first Deus Ex and all of Invisible War, I think that this seems pretty promising. The “upgrades” seem to be more obvious in their outward appearance than in the previous two; the robotic arms and sub-dermal sunglasses the most noticeable.

    As for the Icarus bit, could be a sort of conspiracy thing they’ll try to work into the games story, or it could just be the dreamings of the robocop-type dude and they really have nothing to do with the story (except possibly allude to his situation in a metaphoric sense.

    I liked the eye bit especially. I was a huge fan of the eye enhancements in Invisible War, the ex-ray and heat vision-type stuff, cause it helped to get the drop on your opponent or explore an area more thoroughly. I’m sorta excited to see what they choose to do with the game if it ever gets made and where they decide to go with the characters enhancements.

  • I love how the went for Christian bale’s batman voice.

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