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Youtube Video of the Day 4-5-2010 (ITSP)

Talk about bad timing.  In celebration of actually not feeling like crap and that fact that being indoors when the weather actually is nice derives some sick sense of pleasure for me, I previously vowed that I was going to try to put out one post a day for an entire week…if only to give it a try.

Then my internet decided to be super spotty at home…and more or less now functions in seven to eight minute spurts.  Nonetheless (with the assistance of Jumpin’ Java’s wi-fi over the next hour or so) I shall at least attempt such an effort (though I do reserve the right to not post one day and double post the following day, to be reasonable).

In regards to this clip, truth be told, most of you have already seen it…and that’s mostly because I, Nicholas B White, showed it to you (or strong-armed you into temporarily ceasing whatever productive things you were doing on your computer to go to said site).  It’s for a title called Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, an indie PC title that’ll soon be showing up on Xbox Live. It reminds me a lot of Pixel Junk Shooter, or any other title that is far too reflex-heavy and inevitably results in me playing something turn-based.  One of those.  Anyway, take a gander, and join me after the presentation for a few short thoughts.

Well?  Isn’t that one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?  The art design has a very stark “cardboard cut-out-esque” nature to it, the level variety is impressive, and the game looks disturbingly hard…which is probably the only thing that has me remotely worried about it.  Otherwise, it does merit mentioning that the XBLA catalog keeps getting better and better, going from a “simply there” gimmick to something that actually merits attention as a venue for innovative and (most of the time) affordable to their retail counterparts.

On that note, has anybody tried Toy Soldiers yet?  It’s one of the few Live Arcade titles that I’ve been somewhat interested in, and yet, haven’t picked up.  Mostly due to my complete ineptitude with RTS titles.


    Now that i think about it, the design reminds me more of the visual style in this one show that used to be on the WB. I hated it, but i saw enough of it to catch it’s style. Kurt! Help me out on this one! IT’s with this kid that lives in a mansion with monsters. “Somethings house of something… somethings”… or something like that.

    (Googled for a while and couldn’t find an earlier than current list of “Kids WB!” (yes their name includes an exclamation point) shows.

  • *edit/addition

    Many thanks to Kurt! I knew he’d seen it too! The title of the show is “Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends”.

    ask goog for a comparison of the visual styles.

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