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Some people are afraid of changes.

Just ask  Billy Corgan, or whoever that country singer was that sang the song before he covered it with the Pumpkins.

I, on the other hand, embrace change.

It’s a nice way of saying that you lack the focus, determination, and drive to stick with something without…well…typing exactly what I just typed.

Anyway, when I ask my friends what they would change/like to see with the site, they generally list off a lot of things.  Then I ask what they’d really like to see dealt with…and for some of my readers, they, quite simply, find my articles to be too long.


Brevity…it has never been my forte.

However, that’s not to say that I won’t attempt, at least at a superficial level, to take these recommendations under advisement.  Naturally, it got me thinking on just what I could do implement something of this sort.  One was to pull a “CNN”: Namely, offer a one sentence summary at the top of every article for those who really don’t have the time to read what is already a succinct article.  Another was to simply reedit articles so that I ended up with a secondary, abridged edition.  Honestly though, that’s too much work.

So, I pondered a bit more, and…(wait for this, people)…turned my gaze to that entity known as Twitter.

I know, right?

Twitter’s one and only enforced rule of 140 characters has often been a challenge for me, but it has forced me (often violently and with quite a few tears) to get to the point.  And perhaps (just maybe) using that 140 character limit could assist me in making some posts not rival War and Peace in length.

Here’s what I’m thinking.  With this new series I’m going to pull ten gaming news articles/editorials/reviews from across the entirety of the gaming universe.  With each, I’m only going to have the above-mentioned length limitations to introduce it, as well as briefly touch on why I think it’s interesting/informative/relevant.  It won’t replace my “8 Gaming Tidbits” series, nor will they touch on the same articles (at least, not most of the time) as the latter tends to focus on the slightly more obscure and has more of an op/ed touch while the former is going to lean towards news briefs.  Anyway, let’s try this out, shall we?

Editor’s Note: I’ll be cheating in one method only…I’m not including the hyperlink as part of the 140…otherwise I’d be tempted to run them all through…and I’m not really up for that.  It’s this simple, scan the headlines, if you wanna know more, just follow the source to the article.

1.  Apparently Activision isn’t really that evil, and treats employees disturbingly well.  Unbiased source: Activision.


2.  Remember GRIN?  Did Terminator Salvation, Bionic Commando?  Also did BC: Rearmed?  Back under a new name, making games like Rearmed.  Yay!!!


3.  Marvel vs. Capcom 3?  Probably going to happen late ’10/early ’11.  Will follow Street Fighter 4′s 3D characters on 2D backgrounds model.


4.  Game demos are apparently expensive to make, a thing of the past…says the CEO of the “oh-so” frugal developer Crytek. (They made Crysis)


5.  Red Dead Redemption, 1st Rockstar game w/multiple difficulty settings.  Will one keep your friends from wanting to hang out? (coughGTA4cough)


6.  New power-up for Super Mario Galaxy 2?  Allows you to resemble the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man.  I mean, become “Cloud Mario”…crazy pants.


7.  There’s a 300 dollar Limited Folio Edition of the Uncharted 2 art book.  Simple test to discover if you are wealthy/crazy: buy this.


8.  New 2D adventure series by Telltale Games?  Might be upcoming, titled The Mystery of Scroggins.  Looks like Silent Hill meets Monkey Island.


9.  Wanna be involved in the lead-up to Guild Wars 2?  Then Guild Wars Beyond might just be your cup of MMORPG tea.  Supposing you drink tea.


10.  New WoW mounts just so happen to generate $500,000 dollars an hour.  Apparently.  It costs 25 dollars, and gives no benefits.  Oh, joy.


Well, what do you guys think?  Does it make for a fast, yet semi-informative read, that provides quick and easy links for those willing to investigate further?

God, I hope so.


    All I have to say is, Fleetwood Mac != “that country singer”.

  • I’m not usually afraid of changes, however I am certainly worried about these changes.

    Simply as comments on the form of what you seem to be doing with these “tweets”, it just looks like a shortened version of the “8 gaming tidbits”, except there are ten. I do like that you’ve taken into consideration shortening the length of some of your posts. I feel that you made too great of a leap in length here though, much like that between a novel and a newspaper article. I liked the “twitterings” stuff in the side bar, but making a whole post about it seems like a stretch simply for appeasing the desire for shorter content.

    I’m not terribly bothered by long winded reviews, however I would like to see the shortening of things extend to your other posts, specifically the “8 gaming tidbits” as a feel a more apt title would be “8 gaming essays”.

    I hereby submit my resume for the hopefully soon to open position of your official unofficial copy editor/editor/editor-at-large (whichever position opens first). Kidding. But seriously; adding another person to this operation you have here could definitely make things easier for you.

  • Hey Zander….thank you for your well thought-out “take” on this new idea…and I think you’ve got the right idea: I really did simply move from one extreme (novel-esque posts) to the other (mere sentences or two) and obviously that’s not a good idea.

    I’m glad to hear that people like yourself don’t mind in-depth reviews, though. Considering that often-times 60+ dollars hangs in the balance for some people, I try to give as much information as possible in regards to such. Also, really glad to have some feedback on the twitterings bar…I really had no idea what anybody’s stance on such was.

    As for a theoretical staff addition…I’m considering at least starting with a guest review of the week feature…see if there’s enough interest for that, etc. I just don’t want to enter into a “left hand doesn’t know what the right’s doing” sort of scenario. That being said, if you’d be up for doing that weekly review segment, post below. Especially if you’re a PS3, PC, or Wii gamer, or are playing something I’m currently not/won’t/wouldn’t play.

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