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Youtube Video of the Day 4-25-2010 (MvCcom3)

Sometimes game franchises just disappear for years on end.  It happens.  Occasionally some will hand out renders or screen-shots just so we have some peace of mind that Duke Nukem: Forever is in fact not the biggest joke ever to be perpetrated via Photoshop.  Others, however, are content to just fade into the mist.  Such is the fate of the game featured in today’s Youtube Video of the Day, Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

For those wondering minds out there, it was back at the tail-end of June 2000 when Marvel vs. Capcom 2 made its first console debut in the United States on the Dreamcast.  Since then, both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox received ports of said title, and last year Xbox Arcade and PSN were graced with ports based on the Dreamcast edition (widely regarded as the best version based on the arcade box) last Summer.

Here’s the one “complicating” factor.  Were you hoping that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would take on the visual style of the previous title, just with that extra “HD sheen” that last year’s ports got?

You were?


What if I “saw” your desire for a pure 2D aesthetic…and “raised” you something akin to Street Fighter 4‘s latest visual incarnation?

Wait…wait…what are you doing?  No.  No.  I’m not going to do it.  I’m not going to toss this toaster in the tub you currently occupy.  You had your chance in ’08 with Prince of Persia.

That, and…while I can’t quite explain why, the trailer doesn’t quite look as Street Fighter 4-ish as Street Fighter 4 does.  That’s a good thing.  Let’s quick clarify one thing though; does Street Fighter 4 look horrible?  No.  It’s just that for those of us that wanted another 2D game, SF4 didn’t deliver in that respect.  Point made?  Good.

The trailer does little, other than: 1.  Prove the game will actually happen.  2.  Give us a look at the title’s art style and 3.  Confirm at least a few of the individuals that will be in this third installment.

Take a gander, join me after the vid.  Can I call it a “vid”?  Is that 90′s?  Whatevs.

Some thoughts:

–Okay, so this thing is only 1:26 in the first place.  We don’t see any footage until the 00:26 mark, and the last fifteen seconds are credits.  That means *heading off to Google to do the math* that there’s only forty-five seconds of “footage” (it’s in quotes because I hesitate to declare whether or not what we’ve seen is pre-rendered).  Should I be upset with that?  Not certain.

–Ryu and Wolverine?  Does anybody stand a chance against Wolverine?  Is it possible to “Hadoken” him into nothing?  Can anyone answer these important questions?

–Iron Man and Morrigan?  Umm, first off, Iron Man looks super shiny, and I approve of that.  Morrigan looks like her clothing is loosely attired as usual…and I approve of that as well.  Tony Stark would do well to remember that she’s a succubus and all before engaging in a romantic free-fall with her though.

–Hulk and…Chris Redfield?  Ughh…really?  Okay Capcom, I’ll make you a deal, I won’t bitch about Chris, if you bring back Jill Valentine.

And maybe Leon Kennedy.  He had a badass jacket.

And Frank West.

Because he’s covered wars…

…you know.


    I personally love this visual style. I loved it for Street fighter 4 and i think it could definitely do well for Marvel vs. Capcom.

    As to whether this is pre-rendered. Yes. It is. And I’m surprised you were unsure of that. Of anyone I’d trust you to pick out the pre-rendered from the not with your jaded and oh so critique filled nose… or other appendage used for picking. Unless they’re planning on changing the gameplay of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 drastically, this video is like the intro/attract mode that they had for Street Fighter 4 and their ads for the game.

    I want to go back and play some Street Fighter 4, but there’s a large gap it seems between Dead or Alive and Street Fighter in terms of gameplay and twitch reflexes, and I’m not sure i ever fully got the hang of it. Plus, Super Street Fighter 4 is out with a bunch of new characters and stuff… but that’ll cost a bunch of of money that I don’t have right now… or at least, money that is going towards Red Dead Redemption. !!!

  • Well, I’m hearing that the title will look more like Tsunoku vs Capcom than SFIV which I am thankful for. But either way, I am glad to see MvC3 is a 2D fighter. Yes I know it’s in a 3D engine, but gameplay is entirely 2D as it should be. So, I guess there is at least one game I will buy next year. Now hopefully it will be cool to do more throwback-ish games. After all, not every game need be a dark, gritty, violent, sandbox, FPS……

  • yea the visual style for MVC 3 is going to kick-ass. I’m looking forward to this installment. Capcom is going to be raking money in for quite sometime.

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