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Fund This Game: Montas

It’s weird to think we live in a day and age where we can put up the cash to see games we’re interested in reach fruition.  Sure, it’s usually lower-budget/indie titles, but the notion that gaming is becoming a bit more of a two-way street between the manufacturer and the consumer is promising.  And, yes, before anyone else puts it “out there,” I’m more than aware of the darker side of Kickstarter projects…but they appear to be more of the exception than the rule.

That aside, the game in question is called Montas, a survival-horror title from Australian indie developer Organic People, and it utilizes the Occulus Rift, a VR headset of sorts.  Those of you who don’t own this obscure device (and that would be…*counting hands*…ALL of you) worry not, it’s not necessary to enjoy the title.  This beautiful title surrounds an accountant named Joseph Walker, whose frequent nightmares have ushered “ye olde bottle of booze” into his hand on far too many an occasion as of late.  There’s not much else out there about it, other than that there’s a string of murders, and that the police might think Walker knows a thing or two regarding them.

“You sure don’t seem to know a lot about this, for something you’re asking us to get behind,” you say.

Yeah, well, I read a few articles, watched all the videos on their Youtube channel, and this is as much as I know:

A: The game is HUD-less and combat-free (your health will regenerate, but you’ll have to utilize audiovisual cues to know just how grave your injuries are.

B: However, there will be many situations that will necessitate that the player “run, hide, or use the environment to escape danger,” according to developer Garth Robertson

C: Death does not merit retreading familiar territory in Montas, a “persistent-death system” in which player failure will simply change the direction of the story instead of forcing a checkpoint reload.

D: The game looks and (seemingly) plays like Mirror’s Edge: graphics have a “stylized realism” look, no user-interface clutter, an emphasis on first-person environmental navigation as gameplay.

E: Also, this game has the potential to be scary.  Can’t say that about too many games these days.

F: Music sounds like Explosions in the Sky.  This is a very, very good thing.

Well, what do you guys think?  Watch the trailer below and offer up some thoughts on the video.

(PS, sorry I couldn’t embed the video, apparently uploader Organic Humans isn’t down with that)



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