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Youtube Video of the Day (Borderlands is for Hardcore Gamers)

Let’s be honest, most of the time when I hear about a certain corporate enterprise or well-to-do website starting up its own sketch comedy series, or anything of the comedic variety, it tends to give me fits.  Not only because I am morbidly disgusted by the ever-reaching grasp of the corporate world, and its attempts to imitate genuine creativity by reducing it to some mechanistic formula ripe for imitation, but because, most of the time it’s actually not that funny.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let me say that I’ve genuinely enjoyed the first couple efforts of the appropriately named IGNtertainment Youtube channel.  Granted, it’s worth noting that a good deal of this success can attributed to their acquisition/contracting of the hit/miss sketch team Mega 64.  After watching their Resident Evil 4 skit, it’s quite easy to overlook some of their…”less-exciting” videos.  However, and this is the key surprise for me, IGNtertainment has actually produced some genuinely funny skits without the help of Mega 64.  Which brings me to today’s “Youtube Video of the Day”…or whatever more exciting title you decide to name this feature: “Borderlands is for Real Gamers.”

“Borderlands is for Real Gamers” is just wonderful, is it not?  Especially the obnoxiously fake mustache on the actor playing Randy Pitchford, the head honcho at Gearbox Studios.  Who else enjoys the part where he says that if you aren’t able to keep up with his non-stop flow of FPS jargon to “just go kill yourself?”

Also, its addressing of the “eighty billion guns” claim is wonderful.  And accurate.  Personally, I really do wonder just how well something like that is going to be executed.

Quote of the Day: “You want Peggle?…go f*** yourself.”


    I love the guy choking himself.

  • I need to reply to a txt it is going to say “OMG LOL”

  • OMG LOL :)

  • Now if only you could get around to playing the game and writing something about it…

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