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Youtube Video of the Day (Games and Storytelling Lecture)

Before anyone else points it out, allow me to address a couple things here.  First, yes, I’m fully aware that this video is a bit older (over a YEAR old *gasp*) than my last couple finds, and secondly, that at least a couple of you have already seen it.  In fact, I’m quite certain that a good friend by the name of Zander was the one to show it to me a while back.  Nonetheless, none of this keeps this from being a downright amazing lecture of sorts on the state of storytelling in video games.

It’s fun, informative, and has a non-stop of barrage of images to stare at, for those that are focus-challenged.  Do you agree, disagree with his ideas?  Well, that’s why you can leave comments. *HINT HINT*

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