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Youtube Video of the Day 11/9/09 (Modern Warfare 2)

There’s no denying that I’ve spent several of the past “Youtube Video of the Day” segments talking about Mega64, discussing Mega64, and generally doing everything short of performing heinous and unspeakable sexual favors towards the members of Mega64.  But despite all of this adoration (which is understandably justified…despite a couple “dud” skits) I’ve yet to actually post a Mega64 on my site.

Oh, the horror.

And while there are quite a few solid older skits that I could dig up (Resident Evil 4, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy XII) I figured I’d demonstrate that Mega64′s still got it, by plugging one of their newer ones (not that they desperately need my plugging).  In fact, unless I’m wrong (it happens, people) it’s also their newest skit.  And let’s just say that they probably won’t be making any videos on behalf of Activision any time soon.  In “Breaking News: Everything Delayed by MW 2″ Mega64 demonstrates the extent to which Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has taken priority in the scheduled going-ons of many Americans.  And, this isn’t the first time that the release dates of games have influenced the debuts/releases of other products.  Back in early Summer 2008, though, while it is somewhat debated, Iron Man‘s launch date was moved to take into account fears that Grand Theft Auto IV‘s launch earlier that week would keep gamers at home over the premiere weekend.  I mean, this is the kind of “pull” that video games are starting to have.  It’s great, if you ask me.

Digressions aside, here’s Mega64′s video.  And, in case you were wondering, I second their opinion on Modern Warfare 2. It isn’t the most creative game ever, or the best-looking one, or the best multiplayer experience ever…probably (great job with the lack of dedicated servers, Infinity Ward).  It’s just quite competent in all three.

Anyway, the video:


    that is a great video! I waas sort of surprised (though i suppose i should have expected it today) when i logged onto live todday and saw that almost every single person on my friends list was playing MW 2.

    this game was definitely hyped too much. the gaming industry needs to stop making war games, especailly WWII games.

  • Tell what the video is in the title. IE – Youtube video of the day: Mega64 MW2

  • Zander–I’m glad you see this craze the same way that I do.

    Kurt–Yeah, I moved to the date system to try to provide some sense of order, but you’re right, a very short title or brief mention of subject matter would certainly be a good idea.


  • I really enjoy FPS’s when they’re done well. Sure, the WWII setting has been played off of to death, but it really just is the best premise to use to set up a pretty decent shooter/story. That’s why it sells so well; there’s a lot of material to use.

    The modern warfare series was only possible b/c we have something to base it off of, namely that nightmare on middle-east (street). Hype or not, this game somewhat was deserving of its Hype. They did a really good job with it, and the game is a lot of fun to play.

    As for the dedicated servers… it’s funny that the giant group of people that were protesting against MW2 b/c of the lack of dedicated servers, are still spending all their time playing the game anyway O.o I’m not entirely surprised, since I don’t think anyone would altogether avoid the game on something simple as that alone. That certainly didn’t happen to owners of Team Fortress 2 for the 360.

  • Poop face (Dark/hai!)-

    I too enjoy first person shooters when done well (though what constitutes “well” is something very much up for discussion in my mind), but disagree that a World War 2 setting is something that needs to be used to make a game or a game’s story good.

    While your argument for there being “lots of material to use” in the case of a World War 2 setting is not false, it seems that games using this setting tend to replay the same scenarios repeatedly.

    And while a setting is not equal to a premise, I agree that a story based upon people in this period of time can be interesting. A story based around a squad fighting through the treacherous dangers of a war torn Europe can make for intriguing repartee between characters, though many (if not most) games choose to focus on one lone man fighting legions of Nazi’s all by his lonesome.

    However, there was nothing about World War 2 or their game setting counterparts in this post, either by Nick or any of the commenters. So… there’s that.

    I for one think that The modern Warfare series gave an interesting turn to first person shooters from Infinity Ward. The Call of Duty games were pretty much all copy-paste’s of the same game; similar mission set ups, similar characters, and even similar guns. Modern Warfare was able to take that cookie cutter approach to making games and make just enough differences to make it fun again. Modern weapons made the player have to take a different approach to combat, and the bits of story that book ended the games (and sometimes levels) was honestly pretty interesting to me.

    The video posted was about the amount of hype given to MW2. Was it too much? I’m sure it was in the eyes of some. The point being made is that some games are being hyped so much, (and often rightfully so) often making it impossible for the game to live up to the standards that people have set in their minds from months of fantasizing.

    As someone once said, and i feel more than free to apply this to myself: Someone can make anything the truth if they talk for long enough. So, either truth is relative, or I’m god. And, in either case… Booyah.

    But my placations will probably not sway you. You’re a monster :P A heart of stone you have. ^~^ Your druid doth lose two points. (-2 Charisma)

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