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Youtube Video of the Day 11-28-09 (Torchlight)

It’s not often that I get “PC envy.”  After spending several years as a youth attempting to understand graphics card requirements, buying RAM, and tweaking visual settings over and over again until my game’s framerate no longer resembled a shoddily constructed flipbook, I got out of that industry.  See Danny Glover’s oft repeated catchphrase of the Lethal Weapon films, if you want my succinct “take” on PC gaming.  Maybe it was the fact that I was brought up in an era where demos were not easily accessible and these newfangled websites that can auto-evaluate your computer’s “game-handling” aptitude didn’t exist.  Who knows?

Regardless, every once in a while, something comes along that, like idyllic recollections of an ex (see: “not the whole picture”) allows me to bludgeon the jaded and bitter side of myself and toss it into a makeshift grave.  A rememberance of “at least 30 fps” times, when things where simpler and stutter-free.  And while I can’t go back, its still worth appreciating the occasional effort that catches my eye and has me silently begging for the gaming gods to be merciful and grant console gamers a crack at said title.

And Torchlight is my latest addition to my “PLEEEEEASE go console” list.

Now granted, I haven’t played it, so a professional evaluation is not “in tow” here.  Let’s be clear there.  I am not saying that Torchlight IS good.  Merely that it really looks good, and, thanks to the stellar review synopses “plugged” throughout the trailer, it would appear that many that have played the game feel the same way.  I really like the art style, as well as the very Diablo-esque mechanics, which frankly, is no surprise, considering that many of Runic Games members are ex-Blizzard staffers that worked on Diablo and Diablo II. I don’t know who came up with the idea first of rambling around in ancient ruins, killing things, and discovering treasure but…well…the appeal for such remains.

Granted, again,  I’m always anxious to “plug” a game outside of a review or a game that I have not played/played in its entirety, for fear of being involved in another “Gerstman-gate” (though I honestly don’t think this site has reached a level of importance where the advertising staff of AAA title games are all clamouring for my attention) but I think small independent dev teams need as much help plugging their game and “getting the word out.”  So, without any further ado, let me present the launch trailer for Torchlight.  I think the only thing it might have going against it (or possibly for it, depending on how one looks at things) is my horrible ability to confuse it with Torchwood and that newfangled vampire Bella/Edward romance.  Oh, and Jacob.  Not like I read it, or anything.  Because I don’t.  Really.  This is not thinly-veiled sarcasm, people.

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