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Youtube Video of the Day 1-5-10 (ME 2 Cast)

Okay, I’m about to break one of my semi-cardinal rules for this site, trying to not feature the same thing excessively.  That being said, Mass Effect 2 has the illustrious reputation of being my first game to get two “Youtube Video of the Day” segments dedicated to it.

Now, most of the recent trailers have been uncut/expanded/full-length/recut renditions of the same two minutes.  You’re Shepard again, and you need a super-team.  We get it.

This trailer, however pretty much shows that Bioware “gets” sci-fi fans, introducing you to fair share of the game’s cast.  Here’s a hint, fans of Chuck, Battlestar, and The Matrix will all have something to cheer about.  And if you aren’t burgeoning with unbridled excitement at the end of this clip?  Well, to be honest, you’re probably a normally-functioning human being with a healthy social life who doesn’t speak Klingon and has no idea that THX is named after one of George Lucas’ pre-Star Wars films.  Probably.

To be honest, most of all of this stuff is pretty mainstream sci-fi, so you’re probably less of a geek than you think if you enjoy any of these.  However, if you enjoy Star Trek: Deep Space 9 or The Star Wars Holiday Special you are in fact, a geek.

Anyway, the trailer.

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    I’m not sure how I feel about the Shadow Broker

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