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Youtube Video of the Day 1-28-2010 (LP2)

I’ve noticed that my “Youtube Video of the Day” series, more or less, follows two trends in just what gets posted.  The first is that the video in question is either something I’m more than excited about…or that I never want to see the light of day.  The second, certainly as of late, is that the video has something to do with Mass Effect 2.  I can safely say that I will not be shilling Bioware’s space opera masterpiece in this post.  Aside from right there.  I hope.  No promises.

What is this video about?  Well, have you ever had one of those moments where you’re playing a game and you’re thinking to yourself, “You know what would make this game even more jaw-droppingly awesome?” Now imagine the opposite of that.  Imagine taking an amazing game, or at least a bearable one, and making it just…horrible.

Look, I’m not saying that characters from one video game making a cameo in another will always be a royal mess.  After all, most of Nintendo’s franchise mascots have done this one more than a couple occasions.  Large scale developer/publishers do this too.  Just look at how many of Capcom’s games that Dead Rising‘s Frank West has appeared in (people have obviously noticed that the man has “covered wars, you know”).  I’m also alright with when characters from lesser-known games get cameos in big-name titles (re: Jade from Beyond Good and Evil in Prince of Persia).

But when big name studios (re: Epic Studios) lends their property (re: Gears of War characters) to someone that very clearly does not need help (re: Lost Planet 2) I’m not so certain I’m going to throw my support behind such.  Look, I don’t mind Lost Planet, it was the first game I bought for the Xbox 360.  It was a beautiful game (still is) with questionably basic game mechanics and cutscenes best viewed with the TV on “mute” (both for the poor voice acting, and the “just what is going on” plot).  Toward the latter levels, I can safely say that playing it was a sheer test of masochism.  Anybody remember how, while struggling to pick yourself up off the ground, someone would hit you with a missile, and you’d be r on all fours again.  Until you died.  You know what though?  Still a good game.

Which is exactly why I don’t want Marcus Fenix and Dom “I have feelings” Whats-his-face in the second installment of Lost PlanetGears of War was a beautiful copycat of Kill.switch and an excellent tech demo for the Unreal 3 Engine.  I can’t speak for the second one.  But this…hybrid…even it if is the mere ability to “reskin” the main character…is weird.  They already killed a bunch of anthropomorphized bugs…do they really need to be killing oversized mutant ones as well?  Anyway, take a look for yourself.

And, let me say this: bring back Frank West.

Because he’s fought in wars…you know.  (if you don’t get this joke, play Dead Rising).

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    Frank West: “I’ve covered wars you know!”

    Dom: “WHERE’S MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!”

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