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Youtube Video of the Day 3-8-2010 (Alpha Protocol)

No.  No. Noooooooooooo!

So, Obsidian Entertainment recently released another trailer for Alpha Protocol, and unlike some of the past ones we’ve gotten, this isn’t just entirely recycled content shuffled around into a different order.  Aka, what we’ve been handed for the past year or two.

Allow me to be quite blunt about this trailer.  I’m not that impressed.  Did I possibly set my hopes too high for Obsidian’s first new IP?  It’s entirely possible.  The lips don’t appear to always move in sync, the level of graphical fidelity, while improved, still isn’t where I’d have liked to have seen it, and the actual amount of gameplay displayed is woefully slim.  Which is ironic, considering that it’s one of the few things that could possibly redeem the other lackluster elements.

Granted, not every trailer has to be laden with gameplay footage, and this could well be following such, but like I said…one needs to show off their strongest hand.  Graphics, unless 8 coats of polish are applied by Summer, aren’t exactly the crowning achievement of Alpha Protocol. Check out the trailer here, and join me after the jump.

Here’s one of my favorite dialogue bits:

Michael Thorton: How did (name unintelligible) get his hands on the missile?

His Boss: He’s got more…and we want you to kill him.

(this is around the 29 second mark)

I love how not only does he refuse to answer the actual question being asked, but he goes on to state the obvious about an espionage game…that he wants us to kill a man that is unequivocally evil.  Wow, surprise me next time.

Also, what’s with that guy stumbling around on the ground around the 52 second mark?  Is he tying his shoe or something?  I have no idea.  Then, a few seconds down the line, he blows up…like, did I strap a grenade to the guy?

At 55 seconds, WHY ARE YOU WEARING A TUBE TOP AND RED TINTED SUNGLASSES IN WINTER?  And a few seconds later, why is she “doing” you on a table with X-rays on the wall?  Can’t your fancy spy agency put you up in a damn upholstered hotel or something?

1:03…”Who’s their contact here?”  “I do not know,” says the scared old man…then BAM Michael slams a bottle over the head of an aged senior.  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GAME?

Umm…what’s the ninja move around 1:16, and does that actually work?

Last line of the trailer:

“Well…that didn’t turn out like you thought.”

That’s exactly what I’m beginning to worry will be my consensus on Alpha Protocol.

Overall, Obsidian, keep working on the graphics, and spin this game as a cheesy spy work, that way the odd characters and the over-the-top cliche dialogue can hide under said label…whether such was intentional or not.

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    Yeah, I’ve had to revise my opinion of this game several times since I first heard of it, and I think that this trailer has officially forced me to take it off of my list of “games to get”.

    This seems like a game trailer trying to be a movie trailer. It does too much with the supposed “story” of the game, that it fails to show anything real about the actuall gameplay; unless of course gameplay is dotted sporadically (or liberally) with uncontrollable slow mo sequences, cheesy/unnatural dialogue, and a glitchy “low quality camera” filter.

    I put up with this games shenanigans throughout development, but this is getting ridiculous. Obsidian was even given more time to work on this game and it doesn’t look any better. I sort of feel like Obsidian is having trouble pulling away from their KOTOR 2 quality game, and by this I mean that their current gen games look like last gen games on all fronts.

    Story can be secondary and bad and not effect a FPS too much, but with an RPG story really needs to be placed front and center. In the case of Alpha Protocol, this is the case, but it’s quality definitely needs to be checked. The graphics look like a more painted and perhaps more refined (refined used very generously) version of KOTOR 2, and that game is five years old.

    If this trailer is really a preview of what the game is going to be, it’s definitely off my list.

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