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A Grapple-Swinged Blast From the Past: Bionic Commando Review

Fashion, movies, books, all forms of media, are susceptible to the perpetual cycle that is “hip-unhip.” Case in point, Donnie Darko, due to poor marketing and a delayed release date (the movie involves a plane crashing, and was set to debut around 9/11) is rarely noticed when it premieres, does poorly, falls off the radar. […]

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Whater ya playin’?

Welcome to what will likely be the first and only installment in the “Whater ya playin’” series. If that title seems odd…just imagine the merchant from Resident Evil 4 saying it. And if you haven’t played Resident Evil 4, begone with thee!!! *Beckons toward the door* If you’re wondering just what goes on in this […]

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