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8 Gaming Tidbits…Week of 11/15/09

Guess who’s back? Back again? Guess who’s back? Tell a friend. (I’m back, by the way)

Did Eminem mean for that to be a set of rhetorical questions, or did he genuinely believe listeners might think he was referring to someone other than himself? I don’t know. Regardless, I am referring to my “award-winning” (see: “Good Job” sticker I gave myself last week) series (and by series, I mean that l somehow maintained the focus to see it last to a second installment) of “8 Gaming Tidbits.”

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Whater Ya Playin’/Doin’ #2

So, despite purchasing a game that will probably have me murdering priests in confessional booths, dissecting live babies, and distracting people when they’re having their photos taken at the DMV amongst a thousand other acts I find morally objectionable, I’m sticking by it. That is, until I probably play it. I’m the kind of guy that generally expects the actual police to show up when I murder a hooker in-game.[...]

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Youtube Video of the Day

Well, there’s just no getting around the fact that I love Youtube, and I love video games, and much like the epic 80′s commercials colliding chocolate and peanut butter together, there’s no way I’d want to see them apart.  I could try to introduce this with some smarmy excuse for excessively posting content from a […]

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