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A Grapple-Swinged Blast From the Past: Bionic Commando Review

Fashion, movies, books, all forms of media, are susceptible to the perpetual cycle that is “hip-unhip.” Case in point, Donnie Darko, due to poor marketing and a delayed release date (the movie involves a plane crashing, and was set to debut around 9/11) is rarely noticed when it premieres, does poorly, falls off the radar. […]

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Resident Evil 5: Proudly Not Fixing What It Doesn’t Think Is Broken

Somehow attempting to “blend in” strikes me as a somewhat futile gesture, when you happen to be the only white person in the village. Unlike the majority of my reviews, allow me to start this with a fairly straightforward statement: If you enjoyed Resident Evil 4, and wouldn’t mind playing the game over again, with […]

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