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Lucidity–A Review

Lu-cid-i-ty: “A presumed capacity to perceive the truth directly and instantaneously.” Ironically, a quick glance at Lucasart’s Lucidity does everything but present the player/observer with a true sense of the game. Lucidity, with its disarmingly adorable visuals, minimalist heads-up-display, and soothing music, appears to be in “lock step” with the “no lives, no scores, no rankings, no pressure” school of gaming that titles like Flower belong to.[...]

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Whater Ya Playin’/Doin’ #2

So, despite purchasing a game that will probably have me murdering priests in confessional booths, dissecting live babies, and distracting people when they’re having their photos taken at the DMV amongst a thousand other acts I find morally objectionable, I’m sticking by it. That is, until I probably play it. I’m the kind of guy that generally expects the actual police to show up when I murder a hooker in-game.[...]

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