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Thoughts on Gamerscore/Trophies

Useless Tallying: A Look At the Broad Implications of Gamerscore/Trophies In the past one would photograph a screenshot of their high score, or have their friends huddle around the arcade box to verify their achievement. This act, unsurprisingly, served a dualistic purpose: it gave the player a sense of well-defined superiority and achievement (to whatever […]

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The Force Unleashed Review

Hey all, my review of The Force Unleashed was supposed to be in Kalamazoo College’s “Week 2″ issue of The Index. Instead, due to some planning/executive decisions, it has found its way into the third week issue. That being said, I’ve decided to give all my blog fans (is there a term, or some sort […]

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My Journalistic Foray AND…Fallout 3 Review

Sometimes non-violence is the best path to conflict resolution; other times incinerating mutated creatures into piles of ash with a laser pistol does the job. Over the past couple months I’ve been busy with school, but have also been taking the time to write some video game reviews for my paper at school, The Index. […]

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Reflections on the Schizophrenic Personality of Blacksite: Area 51

Black guy? Check. Tough badass (and possibly skinhead?) with excessive tribal tattoos? Check. Another average white male like yourself? Check. Game about to go where quite a few games have gone before? Check. Blacksite: Area 51 can succinctly be likened to that that less-than-intelligent friend of yours (and if you’re hanging around with a group […]

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The Review (of reviews): The Darkness

The Darkness (videogame…not the 80s band) Normally even the mention of another “comic book based” video game is enough to get behemoth-sized producers to sign on, and to have die-hard fans committing hari-kari, before a bastardized and digitalized version of the comic they once knew comes into fruition. After all, every Batman game comes with […]

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