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The Chronicles of Riddick–A Review

small sidenote: For the sake of providing you, the reader (in case for some odd reason you forgot your job at this site) a semi-steady stream of new content, I’ve broken down my review of the next-gen title, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, into two parts.  Obviously they must be considered as […]

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Nick’s Fast Four Picks

Recently some of you have come to me (and by “some of you,” I mean myself) and said “Nick, I need something to play, and while I deeply respect your thoughts on what is/isn’t a good game, I’m afraid that if I sit down to read one of your reviews, the store will likely close […]

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The Review (of reviews): The Darkness

The Darkness (videogame…not the 80s band) Normally even the mention of another “comic book based” video game is enough to get behemoth-sized producers to sign on, and to have die-hard fans committing hari-kari, before a bastardized and digitalized version of the comic they once knew comes into fruition. After all, every Batman game comes with […]

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