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Youtube Video of the Day 12-25-09 (PoP)

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And…if you don’t celebrate Christmas, please allow me to extend holiday greetings of the generic variety. If you celebrated Hanukkah, I missed you, (damn you moving holidays!) I’m sorry, and if you celebrate any of the lesser-known “let’s acknowledge this in addition to Christmas so we’re culturally sensitive” holidays, I hope/d those were/are enjoyable as well. If you celebrate nothing, be glad you aren’t visiting in-laws, worrying about buying the perfect gift, and being out on the roads in general.

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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review

De-facto Rule of Gaming #485–”just average” games made by unproven developers don’t get sequels. Unless you’re an otherwise reputable studio having the occasional “off day,” or protected by one of the “Titans of Publishing” who’s keeping you around to please hardcore fans/parents demanding “family friendly” titles or whatnot, you’re getting the axe. It’s a point we’ve talked into the ground, but overall, it’s the undeniable truth: video games are an industry that encourages very little risk taking.

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Where Are the Sequels? (A Short List)

Taking a break from writing my Brutal Legend review, I figured I’d give you guys something to read/debate/print up and immediately burn with a cheap Bic lighter. It’s not uncommon to find people on message boards bemoaning how “[insert beloved title] still doesn’t have a sequel, UGHH” (though sometimes it’s a bit more articulate than this).

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